rachel lubanowski


even as a young child in the rural midwest, i had an interest in fashion, styling + interior design.  from the "belt phase" when i was three, the "heels phase", years of trying on my mother's lingerie, sketching collections, making doll clothing, setting up a boutique in my bedroom + sewing some serious hippie clothing, i eventually made my way to art school. this is when i realized that i had completely fallen head over heels in love with color, texture + textiles [the details!]. it's also where i began experimenting more with jewelry design, learned the importance of sustainable/ethical production + opened my first online shop.  

it was just the beginning + still is just the beginning...

so, where does the name GREY TANGERINE come from? to put it simply:  grey is my favorite color to be surrounded by + to wear.  tangerine is the title of my favorite led zeppelin song.

the combination of the words means an incredible amount to me.  

it is a well made product. it is my way of showing others just a tiny glimpse of some of the insane beauty in nature.  it is creating something that someone loves.  it is something that someone wants to give.  it is lasting style. it is my happiness. it is a dash of quirkiness. it is an exploration through texture + color. it is simple, modern, clean, sexy, natural elegance.  

it is perfect imperfections.