labradorite + clear quartz + rose quartz // STACKING

labradorite + clear quartz + rose quartz // STACKING


cornflower blue - WHOA.

this is one of those pieces featuring up-cycled elements where i’m unsure what the main bead is made of! i was told that they were native american soap beads, but really unsure. all i know is they are GORGEOUS! i added some really nice flashy labradorite, faceted rose quartz + clear quartz, as well as a few tiny brass donuts. wear alone or with a stack [see last image].

one size fits most + one-of-a-kind!

// labradorite: power stone that aids in imagination stimulation.

// clear quartz: used to amplify both body energy + thoughts, harmonizing.

// rose quartz: the love stone, it promotes self-worth + inner peace.


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