random fun fact: for the last five years, i’ve had the honor of co-mentoring teens in the TRASH THE RUNWAY program, which is held in the CREATIVE LAB at COMMON THREADS in boulder!

what the heck is TRASH THE RUNWAY?

TTR is a six-week workshop series for teens who design, troubleshoot + create runway garments from items that would have otherwise been tossed in the trash! at the end of the series, there is a runway show + competition, juried by three judges. the program has been happening annually for ten years + has grown leaps + bounds. we sold out this year’s show at the boulder theater in less than an hour! the main event is also a way to give back to the community. all profits from the show go to a local non-profit, BLUE SKY BRIDGE.

as a co-mentor, i was there to assist with fit + construction, answer questions about materials + provide general support - the students did everything themselves! the designers never cease to amaze me…they are so dedicated + creative! countless hours are spent outside of our dedicated workshop time. it’s not easy working with “unconventional materials”! many materials have to be hand-sewn because they’re too much for the sewing machines to handle, things rip often + are difficult to move in.

below are a few of my favorite captures from this year’s event, which was held on tuesday, march 12th at the boulder theater. photos are courtesy of marla rutherford photography.