SOLD OUT // multi gemstones // STACKING

SOLD OUT // multi gemstones // STACKING


this stretchy stacking bracelet features a number of super beautiful stones!  

black tourmaline, amethyst [deep purple...fine turquoise + violet/white chevron amethyst], midnight blue dumortierite, aquamarine, spiderweb jasper + iridescent black/grey larvikite [also known as black labradorite]. 

one size fits most + one-of-a-kind!  

// tourmaline:  increases success + love, relieves fatigue.

// dumortierite:  promotes a positive attitude in all life situations + provides one with courage.

// amethyst: a dream [power] stone that opens spiritual + psychic centers.

// aquamarine: channels magic, power + healing energies while promoting peace.

// jasper: “supreme nurturer,” protects against negativity + helps one to be grounded.

// larvikite:  stimulates + enhances inner vision, helps to connect nature spirits.


sold out
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