* are you + your closet in a “style rut”?
* are you wondering what types of pieces look best on your body?
* do you want to infuse some creativity into your wardrobe?
* are you looking to “step up” your daily look or create a cohesive closet?
* is your closet too full + you’re looking to downsize?
* do you need some guidance with what works + what doesn’t?

if you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you may consider a session or two with me! i’ve worked with many women over the years with everything from “everyday” styling to special events, job interviews, total closet clean-outs + even packing for travel, including vacations + business trips.

it joys me to beautify, organize + revitalize, especially in the area of fashion! having a degree in fashion design, a serious passion for textiles, a jewelry business + a natural eye for design, i pride myself in my work + have impeccable attention to detail.

i love working with clients who are curious to change + willing to try new things.

i offer my services in the boulder + denver metro areas in colorado, but am open to out-of-state travel as well. contact me with any inquiries + we can discuss!



Rachel is AMAZING. I notoriously keep clothes for decades, and like many people, I found myself with a packed closet… yet only wearing about 10% of the contents. In one afternoon, Rachel and I went through almost everything I own, culling based on which pieces were outdated, too worn, or didn’t fit well. This sounds burdensome but she somehow made it fun, and her stylish eye combined with objectivity helped me purge tons of things I had kept way too long. As we went, she efficiently sorted things into piles of keep, donate, and sell. We ended up with a surprisingly short list of a few essentials I needed to fill in the gaps and have a wardrobe that matched my lifestyle. And the ultimate outcome—I was truly excited to wear everything that remained in my closet! I can’t say enough about how helpful this experience was and how well-suited Rachel is for this work. Hire her; you won’t regret it!”